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Xiaomi Game Turbo improves the mobile gaming experience on Xiaomi devices


Xiaomi Game Turbo improves the mobile gaming experience on Xiaomi devices. It's a Xiaomi-exclusive app and doesn't work on other Android devices. During regular use, the app helps players manage their installed games library and optimize performance. A variety of tools are included within the software to improve gameplay and overall experience. Should Xiaomi device owners download and use Xiaomi Game Turbo? Find out here!

A Review of Xiaomi Game Turbo

In the main menu, Xiaomi Game Turbo lists every game installed on a device. The software kicks in once a game is launched, though. Home and Back buttons automatically disable during gameplay with the software. Also, Xiaomi Game Turbo clears memory in the background to improve performance during intensive cutscenes and gameplay. Various social media links for capturing and sharing screenshots are available in an overlay, too.

The Verdict On Xiaomi Game Turbo

For Xiaomi device owners, Xiaomi Game Turbo comes with numerous benefits. It's an excellent piece of software with practical features. Performance boosts may amount to a few extra frames per second, which makes a noticeable difference. In the end, Xiaomi Game Turbo offers enough benefits to warrant a download and regular use. Similar apps from other developers come with far fewer features and benefits.

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