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Steam provides users access to their Steam accounts on mobile devices


Steam provides users access to their Steam accounts on mobile devices. After signing into the service, they gain control of their account on the move. The app even acts as a two-factor authentication solution as well for the desktop version. Certain functions and features are missing from the desktop version of Steam, though. Nonetheless, this app acts as a nice companion to Steam proper.

What Can Users Do With The Steam Mobile App?

Users can manage their Steam account from a smartphone or tablet. The app offers access to the Steam store, where users purchase games and add-on content. Currently, Steam features thousands of games and downloadable content. It's possible to buy games for oneself or gift them to others. Plus, chat and communication features are available for friends to keep in touch.

The Verdict On Steam For Android

On desktop, Steam is a must-have download for managing and playing games. The mobile app works best as a complement to the desktop version. Users cannot play games or manage their downloads from the app. However, they can buy new games and keep in touch with friends. Steam Guard Authenticator helps users protect their Steam account from unauthorized access, too, which is quite a useful feature.


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