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TapTap allows you to download a variety of videogames


TapTap allows you to download a variety of videogames. This application store is filled with free video games from both indie and large developers.

Once you open up TapTap for the first time, you'll be greeted with the home screen. You can go through various categories or search for the game you want to download. TapTap also has an Editor's Choice section where staff members choose the specific games they like to play the most.

After you've found the game you like, you can visit the application page to learn more information and start downloading it to your Android device. The 'My Games' section of TapTap allows you to see games you currently have downloaded and the progress of those currently downloading. You're also able to visit the "Updates" section to update any outdated games on your Android device.

Users can visit the 'News' section to learn about games coming out and updates to their favorite titles. TapTap also has a 'Group' section where you can communicate with developers and other gamers about why you love specific games, what updates you want next, and more.

TapTap supports multiple languages, allowing gamers from all around the world to get connected with their favorite titles. Some of the languages TapTap supports include, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and much more.

Overall, TapTap is a fantastic platform for any gamer wanting to get started playing mobile games on their Android device. The only significant downside to this application is that it can have too many games in certain sections, making it difficult to sort for the specific game you're looking for.



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