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Wattpad is a book application developed by WP Technology


Wattpad is a book application developed by WP Technology. This application lets you connect to a community of dedicated writers from all around the world.

Once you login to Wattpad, you'll instantly be greeted by various sections of stories that you can check out for free. Visitors can read every story and communicate directly with those that wrote it, those who loved it, and those who want to critique it. In addition to being able to interact with stories from others, you'll also be able to upload your own stories to Wattpad so you can receive the gratification and criticism that you're looking for.

Some users have disliked that they can't save any stories to view offline for when they might be traveling or just expect they are going to be without an internet connection for a while. Whether this bothers you or not, Wattpad is still very much well worth using whether you're a writer looking to learn more from others or just interested in reading unique stories.

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