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Snapchat is a social networking application developed by Snap Inc


Snapchat is a social networking application developed by Snap Inc. First released in 2012, Snapchat is a unique application in which users can send pictures and videos to each other that disappear in just a couple of seconds. Along with being able to send direct messages, you can upload media to what is called your story. With your story, you can ensure that everyone on your friend's list can view what you're doing with messages that disappear after 24 hours.

Along with being able to send disappearing media with your friends, Snapchat is known for its customization features. The application lets users create their own bitmojis, customizable avatars that show up to your name in different parts of Snapchat. Customization also can be seen when taking pictures through the app itself as users can use different features depending on what day it is or based on what part of the world they currently are in. These customization features all come together to create a unique experience that other social media networks are lacking.

Overall, Snapchat has a unique and robust feature set that can help fill a gap your other social media applications lack. The only major downside to using Snapchat is that users will always have the option built-in their phone to take a screenshot of your sent media, whether you're fine with that or not.

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