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Instagram is a social media platform based on sharing photos and videos

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Instagram is a social media platform based on sharing photos and videos. More than a billion users access Instagram each month. From there, billions of photos and videos are shared on the platform. Users can follow each other and share content to their stories or profiles. Individuals and businesses alike can share content to their followers. No other photo or video sharing platform compares in size or popularity.

What Can Users Do With Instagram?

Instagram users may capture their own photos and videos within the platform. On the other hand, they can upload their own content from the device, too. Content is shared to their profile for permanent viewing, or they can post a temporary story. Dozens of filters are included for photos and videos, providing some level of customization. A basic photo and video editor is included within the app.

The Final Verdict On Instagram

Without a doubt, Instagram offers a fun experience for its users. Individuals can grow their follower count by posting content others will love. They can share moments from their lives or entertaining content. In the end, Instagram is an excellent and well-designed app worth using on a regular basis. It's no surprise so many users access the app each and every day.

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