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Teen Patti: Indian Poker

This particular app allows you to gamble in games of chance with other players


This particular app allows you to gamble in games of chance with other players.

This particular title allows offers several amusements to play with friends and strangers. Notable features of this particular include support for multiple languages, daily sign-in bonuses in the form of progressively greater amounts of betting chips, Facebook connectivity to play with friends and colleagues and even achievements.

People who appreciate variety can enjoy several gameplay variants, including: "Lowest Joker," "4X Boot," "Revolving Joker," "AK47," "Muflis," "Banco," "Joker," "In-Out" and "999." Despite these many options for different card games like teen patti, there is no form of support given to proper games of poker, be it "Pineapple" or "Texas Hold 'Em". Players with an interest in the sport of cricket, or at least making some money off their knowledge of how good or bad different teams are, will be pleased to know that this app also supports the ability to betting on various live cricket matches.

Pros: Multiple game modes are available from the start. You can create private tables to play games between friends.

Cons: No support for tradition styles of poker. You must consent to in-app purchases to actually participate in the various games available.

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