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CPU-Z is a free application developed by CPUID to provide useful information about a device


CPU-Z is a free application developed by CPUID to provide useful information about a device. You can use this free app when you need to find out why some programs in your system might be misbehaving. It also comes in handy when you need to download a program, and you need to know whether it will be compatible with your O.S. You can download it and install it for free to get started.

How Does CPU-Z Work?

CPU-Z presents all the necessary information about an operating system. This information comes in the form of a table, so you can scroll up and down and choose the information you need to make a decision on the program to download.

From this table, you can see details, such as the type of CPU and how powerful it is, number of cores, your smaprtphone’s architecture, details on the GPU, and the clock speed among others. Users will also access details, such as updates that may have already taken place and the make and model of the smartphone. You will also see other details, such as RAM that may already be available to you at the touch of a button.

More Tools for You

You can access all these details from your smartphone. However, the problem is that you have to open different portals and pages to access the details. CPU-Z brings all the details on one centralized portal to save you time. You can even see the status of phone battery, the temperature of your phone and its safety, and many other details.

All the major metrics appear on a simple table. Because the app is free, it will show some in-app advertisements time to time. However, these do not interfere with the way you use the app.

CPUID keeps updating their app to make it more comprehensive and easier to use for everyone. It is currently on its sixth version, which was released in 2021. These updates ensure that they capture the updates on operating system. Besides the Android version, there is a version for Windows that also offers the same details.

Get the App

You can download the app from the CPUID website or on Google Play. Downloading and installing the app is free and so is using the app. Once it installs, the app with sync with the smartphone immediately and start collecting the details that you need.

You can then use these details to get the right update for your phone, understand why some apps fail on your smartphone, and access several other details. You need to keep updating your CPU-Z app whenever a new version comes up or whenever you get a new smartphone. This ensures that your app is able to collect details from the latest smartphone updates.

Today, there are more than 360,000 people who have downloaded and installed the app from Google Play. It also has a high rating of 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 stars. As long as you have Android 2.2 or higher, and you give the app permission to the internet, you are good to go.




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