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FIFA Soccer: Gameplay Beta

FIFA 19 brings fast-paced soccer action to mobile devices


FIFA 19 brings fast-paced soccer action to mobile devices. Players take control of existing soccer teams or customize their own team. From there, they march onto the field and battle to outscore their opponents. A handful of game modes are included within the game, and countless customization options are available. High-end mobile graphics, simple controls, and fun gameplay make the game worth playing for hardcore fans.

A Quick Review of FIFA 19

Launching the game presents players with various options. They can jump into an exhibition game, start their own team, and more. Currently, FIFA 19 features dozens of teams with accurate rosters and hundreds of players. Simple touchscreen controls allow players to control their team and score goals. Team customization allows players to create the ultimate team, and a loot system is included in the game.

Should You Download and Play FIFA 19?

For hardcore soccer fans, FIFA 19 brings the excitement on the move. More casual soccer fans may enjoy the game's modes and gameplay. FIFA 19 brings the action on the field into players' hands. Excellent graphics and challenging gameplay make this mobile game worth downloading. In the end, FIFA 19 remains one of the better soccer offerings on mobile devices today.

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