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Ludo King

Ludo King is a board game being developed and updated by Gamotronix


Ludo King is a board game being developed and updated by Gamotronix. In Ludo King, you can play this classic board game with friends and family or randoms from around the world.

Game Modes

Once you start up Ludo King, you'll be able to choose from various game modes. One of these game modes is Vs Computer which allows you to play against a computer player at any time. Another mode is Local Multiplayer which allows you to play with multiple people on the same phone, passing it back and forth. Lastly, you'll also be able to pick Online Multiplayer which will randomly match you up with other Ludo King players from all around the world. You can also use the Online Multiplayer mode by picking Play with Friends so you can create an online private room that lets you play with your friends and family without having intruders jump in.


Along with being able to play various game modes in Ludo King, you have some other features like being able to play Snakes & Ladders. In Snakes & Ladders, you'll have to navigate a ladder on a game board without having snakes drop you back to the bottom. Users also have other features available like chatting so you can easily talk to your friends while playing without using another device.


Overall, Ludo King is a great way to play the classic board game with others. The only concern you might be having is that the in-app purchases can be expensive for a classic board game but you can easily avoid them.


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