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Microsoft Word: Edit Documents

Microsoft Word is the ultimate app for creating and editing documents


Microsoft Word is the ultimate app for creating and editing documents. Though you might think that you need a dedicated computer to access your files, Microsoft now allows you to do all of the same things on your Android device. With Microsoft Word, you can both write and edit as well as share documents when you're away from your computer.

Designed for touchscreen devices, this version of Microsoft Word is even easier to use than the one you usually use at work or school. Not only do you get access to Word, but you can also use PowerPoint to create new presentations and rely on Excel for work documents. This cuts down on the amount of space that you need on your device. Microsoft asks you to log in and will then save any work that you do to OneDrive. You can then login and find all of those files on a different device along with any updates or edits you made.

The biggest reason to use Microsoft Word is that it allows you to create new documents. You simply open a new file and start typing. Unlike other apps that have multiple panels that you need to navigate through, this one has just a single control panel that lets you pick the feature you want to use and launch a new document or open an existing file. You can change the font type and size that you use and insert photos or charts too.

Microsoft Word turns any mobile device into a mobile office. If you have photos that you need to send, the app allows you to turn them into PDF formats that take up less space to save you time when sending them. You can create PDF files from both the files saved on your device and any photos that you take with your camera. There is even an option that allows you to link a file with a QR code and share the code online. Anyone can scan the code and view your work without you needing to send them the full file.

Do you need an app that lets you edit and create files when you're away from your computer? Give Microsoft Word a try. It comes loaded with the classic features of the full computer program but takes up much less space. Though this app is still in the beta phase, many users found that they enjoyed using it. You may come across some glitches and find that some features are confusing, but Microsoft Word is the best way to edit and create documents on the go.




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