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Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that allows users to work with slides while they're on the go


Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that allows users to work with slides while they're on the go. Though the screens of Android devices may be too small to allow normal viewing of denser card decks, the application gives users the freedom to pinch and enlarge slides at will so that they can view even the more information-dense documents on a mobile phone or tablet. All of the gestures that you'd expect from a full-sized version of PowerPoint are here as well, albeit in a somewhat modified form.

For instance, a two or three-finger tap against a touch screen can help to open up a context menu, which is similar to the one that you might get from pushing the menu key or Shift+F10 on a desktop PC. Those who have a mouse plugged into the USB slot on a bigger Google Android device can take advantage of this peripheral. Otherwise, the basic touch gestures shouldn't cause too much of an issue for most use cases.

Education market users may find that mobile PowerPoint is a simple way for them to allow large numbers of students to work on presentations without the new for more expensive commodity PC hardware. Those in business can use it to work on presentations even when they're not seated at a particular station. Administrators may want to use it to push out a large deck of slides to many devices all at once so that they could more easily teach staffers about some major issue.

Electronic books and other informative content have sometimes been published in PPT and PPTX format, which makes the mobile app all the more salient for IT departments that need to communicate important ideas to their crews. While few people are probably going to use Android-based devices to give business presentations to an audience, the ability to share them without the need for a PC is quite powerful.

Presentations made with this version of PowerPoint should still open on machines running Windows or the macOS. Since this is essentially a sized down version of the modern PowerPoint, it doesn't have some of the features that users might have expected in older ones. However, this shouldn't be at all an issue for those who use any of the modern PowerPoint implementations designed with the current generations of Windows devices in mind.

Android device aficionados who find themselves in specific edge cases might turn to PowerPoint for things slightly outside of its original design specs. For instance, most search engines offer a way to look for documents as opposed to web resources. Installing the PowerPoint app would allow mobile users to read slide decks right on their phone in spite of not otherwise having any native ability to do so.


• Allows you to edit presentations on the go

• Opens both PPT and PPTX files

• Slides will display in either the portrait or landscape display modes


• Some presentations may requiring scrolling on smaller screens

• May not open some older slide decks


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