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Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel allows you to create and edit spreadsheets


Microsoft Excel allows you to create and edit spreadsheets. This version of Microsoft Excel comes from the company's initiative to make their office software work on a variety of devices.

To start using Microsoft Excel, you'll be asked to sign into a Microsoft account. This allows you to create, edit, and manage all of your files from anywhere in the world. Users are also able to export these files so that they can send them to friends and coworkers. Dropbox and OneDrive users also have built-in support so they can connect their accounts and manage their spreadsheets.

When you open a new spreadsheet, you'll be given a large variety of options to modify your spreadsheet. You're able to change text formatting, sheet count, and more. This version of Microsoft Excel even allows you to search through various formulas to make your work easier.

This version of Microsoft Excel is touch-enabled, meaning that you can just swipe the screen to get to the bottom of a spreadsheet quickly. However, this version of Microsoft Excel lacks a few wanted features, like being able to change page layouts, edit images, and more.

Users have also been disappointed that this version of Microsoft Excel doesn't come with any collaboration features. This means that you have to send a file back and forth when you want your coworkers to work on it, potentially losing you a lot of time and creative potential.

Overall, Microsoft Excel is a component-enough application for those looking for something that lets them simply create and edit spreadsheets on their mobile device. Power users will just be disappointed by the lack of advanced formatting & editing tools, along with not being able to easily collaborate with others.




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