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WWE 2K is a sports game developed by 2K Inc

2K Inc.

WWE 2K is a sports game developed by 2K Inc. This game lets you compete in fights with various wrestlers.

WWE 2K players will be able to choose from various game modes once they start the game like Career, Ladder Matches, and Multiplayer. In Career Mode, you'll be able to create your own wrestler that rises through the rankings at WWE. Ladder Matches and Multiplayer let you pick any wrestler and fight against human or AI players.

While the game might have the features you'd expect in a wrestling game, the presentation isn't all there. The control system can be a bit difficult for those that are playing just by using the screen. The graphics of the game are OK but they aren't as great as some of the sports games available for mobile devices.

Overall, WWE 2K can be a fun time for those that are into wrestling but don't expect yourself to become a fan if you're someone from the outside picking up this game.

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