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Venmo is a digital wallet for transferring money to individuals and businesses


Venmo is a digital wallet for transferring money to individuals and businesses. More than 50 million people rely on the platform for sending and receiving money. Fortunately, the platform makes peer-to-peer payments and business transactions quite simple. Users can send money instantly to another person or a commercial entity. The app remains popular for friends to split the bill but includes countless other features, too.

What It's Like To Use Venmo

Users send payments to each other with a username or other identifier. Funds are stored within the digital wallet and can be accessed through various means. Currently, this includes transferring the money to an associated bank account or using the Venmo card. A Venmo balance can even be used to pay for products and services at compatible businesses. Venmo continues to offer more and more ecommerce features as time goes on.

The Verdict On Venmo

The Venmo app is well-designed and provides practical value to its users. It's an excellent platform that continues to grow and evolve. As time goes on, users continue to do more with the app than send money. Competing apps include PayPal and Cash App among dozens of others. Venmo remains one of the more popular options among consumers.


Alternatives to Venmo