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TikTok Lite

TikTok Lite is a video sharing application developed by ByteMod PTE LTD


TikTok Lite is a video sharing application developed by ByteMod PTE LTD. This application lets you enjoy TikTok on older Android devices.

Lite-Specific Features

Users already familiar with the TikTok platform probably just want to know the difference between the Lite and Regular versions of TikTok. With the Lite version, you'll end up installing an application that only takes up around 100MB on your drive. In addition to taking up storage space, TikTok Lite has been scaled down enough in features that it will only take up 15MB of memory while using it so that older Android phones can run TikTok with ease. Users should be warned though that TikTok Lite doesn't contain any of the video uploading and editing features that the regular version does.


Regardless of what version of TikTok you are using, you'll be introduced to the discovery page of TikTok. From there, you'll be able to search through various interests or creators to find videos that you might like. You'll be able to follow certain creators that you like as well so you can get a notification every time someone you love uploads something new.


Overall, TikTok Lite is a great way to use TikTok if you're someone looking to preserve phone resources and you don't really care about uploading videos of your own.


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