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Among Us is one of the most popular video games in the world with tons of challenges


Among Us is one of the most popular video games in the world with tons of challenges. Suitable for those who want to play as teams, this game picked up many celebrity fans since it launched such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You can now download a copy of your Android phone or another mobile device and start playing with friends.

This fun game lets you play on teams of four to 10 people. You have one goal in mind: find the impostor in your group before they take out your entire team. To make things even more challenging, there's always a risk you might have more than one impostor in your midst. You can spend a lot of time finding one suspect and then learn that there was another one in your group when they take you out. The game puts your character in an adorable little space suit as you prepare to head into space. You do different things to get ready for your trip until a member of your group dies. Among Us then allows you to chat with other players and send text messages to work together and uncover the impostor.

Though you have the option of playing with your team to uncover the impostor, you can also play as the impostor. As the impostor, the game tasks you with ruining their chances of success. You can damage their equipment to ensure they can't reach space or steal the devices they use to communicate with other players.

One of the nice things about Among Us is that it offers cross-platform play. You can play on your Android device as your friends and others use their computers and gaming consoles. Keep in mind that the game is only free to play for Android users. If you want to play on another device, you need to pay for the game. Some parents don't like that the game allows their kids to chat with adults and strangers. Another big issue is how repetitive the game feels. You may find that you prefer playing it during a party when you have your friends around than you do playing with online strangers.

Among Us is such a popular game that you'll now find tons of merchandise that features the game's characters. As it does not take long to download the game, you'll find that you can start having fun within an hour or less. Whether you hunt for the impostor or become the impostor yourself, you should get a kick out of playing Among Us.



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