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Snapseed is a photography application developed by Nik Software


Snapseed is a photography application developed by Nik Software. This application lets you edit photographs directly on your Android phone.

As the first major free image editor available on Android devices, Snapseed has been able to grow over the years where the feature set has been compared to programs like Photoshop. Professional users are getting the advanced features they want while some more basic users looking to edit a photo not too often will be happy with features like being able to crop parts of the background out of a picture.

Once you are done editing a photograph, you'll be able to choose how you want to export it. You can either pick to export a photograph as a JPG file or directly share it to social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Overall, Snapseed is a fantastic photo editor for those looking for a large toolset at the price of free.

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