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NBA 2K17 is a sports game developed by 2K Inc


NBA 2K17 is a sports game developed by 2K Inc. This game lets you play basketball as any team currently in the NBA.

Once players get into NBA 2K17, they will be able to pick between various game modes such as the MyCareer mode which makes you manage various parts of a team to get your way to success, or the quick game option which lets you jump into any game of basketball. Each mode has its own merits as some players might treat NBA 2k17 as the game they want to play more hardcore while some are just looking for a more casual basketball experience.

To ensure that players enjoy the game no matter what mode they pick, 2K has been working on improving the mechanics like ensuring the AI is improved and that dribbling is easier than ever before. These improvements combine to make a more believable basketball game.

Overall, NBA 2K17 is an impressive game on consoles and even more impressive for Android devices that typically don't see a game of this caliber. The only issues players have mainly complained about are minor issues like with the AI and how the experience between matches could be improved.

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