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Gmail makes it easy for Google account users to access their email


Gmail makes it easy for Google account users to access their email. On an Android device, the app displays emails in several formats. A user can see all mail or email topic categories marked Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates. Custom folder creation also exists.

The clean, white background and user-friendly interface displays new email headers in bold font and read email headers as gray text. Users can also organize emails using stars and important label tags. They can add a gold star or arrow label to any email that they need to locate quickly later with a simple screen tap. For quick email composition, Google presents the oblong Compose button in an easy-to-locate hovering position near the bottom of the main screen.

Although Google doesn't provide drop-down, instant-access to all other Google apps and resources within Gmail, it does give users one-touch access to the Calendar and Contacts apps. Additionally, users can arrange and hold meetings with people from their contacts list. Meeting hosts can even share a uniquely generated meeting code with anyone.

Gmail doesn't make deleting a large volume of emails easy. That said, users can download emails to offline storage and print them. Lastly, users can snooze specific senders to prevent receipt of emails for a preset or custom time period, block senders entirely and report spam. They can also add additional Google accounts and switch between Gmail inboxes.

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