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CrossFire: Legends is an action game developed by Tencent Games


CrossFire: Legends is an action game developed by Tencent Games. This game introduces the popular PC game CrossFire to mobile devices for the first time.

In this game, players will be able to choose from three different game modes. Team Deathmatch has players fight to their best ability on how many kills they can get against the other team. In the demolition mode, teams take turns fighting against planting a bombsite and making sure that nobody defuses that bomb. Lastly, the Battle Royale mode lets you drop on a large playground filled with players and bootable weapons galore.

While the game can look quite a bit dated compared to other mobile shooters, CrossFire: Legends uses it to its advantage by providing gamers with a stable 60 frames-per-second during gameplay. Upgrades that players can earn or purchase over time can also be cosmetic only which some players who like a grind might not enjoy.

Overall, CrossFire: Legends can be a fun way to pass your time on a mobile device, although the game can be a bit simplistic. Competitive players will likely enjoy this game the most among the audience of mobile gamers.

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