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Clash Royale is a fun strategy game that serves as a spin-off to Clash of Clans


Clash Royale is a fun strategy game that serves as a spin-off to Clash of Clans. If you played Clash of Clans before, you already know what to expect from this game. You don't need to spend every minute tied to your computer though as this game is available for Android users.

As a classic strategy game, Clash Royale gives you a fort and asks you to protect it from incoming invaders. If it sounds simple, keep in mind that the invaders who attack can wipe out your whole fort in seconds because they have better weapons and more upgrades. You start the game with a certain amount of Elixir, which tells you how long you can play. Every time you play, you use a small amount of this Elixir. When you run out, you need to wait until your life bar refills before you can jump back into the action.

The more times you win and survive an attack, the more money you earn in the game. This money helps you upgrade your characters to help them do more. You can also use that money to unlock new weapons and upgrade your older weapons. If you want to advance faster, use real money to unlock and buy the upgrades you need. Though some games try to push you into spending real money, Clash Royale does not. This game allows you to play for months without spending a dime of your own money.

While Clash Royale is fun, it also gets repetitive at times. There are only so many times you can place your characters on the map and watch invaders attack. This is especially true in the beginning when you don't have much money or weapons. The game tries to match you against players with a similar experience level, but this doesn't always happen. You might find that it keeps matching you with lower-level players you can easily beat or higher-level players who wipe out your characters in seconds. Though the game uses animated violence, it is still a little too violent for some players.

Fans of the game Clash of Clans who are in the market for a new game with the game type of play will love Clash Royale. It lets you work with other friends who play the game to advance faster and earn prizes as you level up. Limited-time events happen a few times a year and give you the chance to win exclusive weapons that aren't usually available and unlock new characters. Download Clash Royale today to recreate all of the fun you had with Clash of Clans.




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