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Aptoide is an alternative app store that allows you to access a vast database of apps, many of which can't already be found on the Google Play Store


Aptoide is an alternative app store that allows you to access a vast database of apps, many of which can't already be found on the Google Play Store. The app store is open source by design and managed entirely by its community. The store is safe to use, and its intuitive design helps users easily access the most popular and highly recommended selections right from the store's home screen.

Take Control Over Your Apps

There's likely no surprise that one of the Google Play Store's biggest criticisms is its excessive pruning of its app offerings. Aptoide aims to provide a more complete and robust app store experience by being less stringent on app guidelines while simultaneously evaluating each one for user safety.

As far as the apps are concerned, there's something for just about everyone. Whether you're looking for new device wallpapers, a fresh game to play, a social platform for finding friends, or just something to help keep you on track at work, you'll quickly find the perfect apps to fill out your arsenal.

With Aptoide, many users will also appreciate that you aren't necessarily bound to the newest version of the app you're looking to download. If you want an older version, you can typically find it on Aptoide, but the newest version will generally be available as well if you ever want to upgrade.

Create Your Own App Store

One of Aptoide's most notable features is that it allows users to upload their own apps and build stores of their own. You can adorn your own app store with a personalized logo and name, and even give it a theme and gain followers. You can also follow and engage with other users' stores and apps. All apps uploaded to Aptoide either by you or other users are able to be rated and reviewed publicly.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface alone is enough of a reason to at least give Aptoide a try. Navigation makes sense and is quite easy to master, and downloading is noticeably fast and non-laggy. Aptoide supports multiple downloads at a time, meaning you can browse to your heart's content and tap on anything that catches your eye to add it to the queue. Download speeds are generally quite fast, which is impressive for an app that is community-driven. There are rare occasions where downloads will inexplicably stop or cancel, and it can generally be remedied by removing the download from the queue and trying again.

High Quality App Store Alternative

If you're tired of the restrictions and lack of choice offered by the Google Play Store, it might be worth giving Aptoide a try. Its feature-rich interface and vast library of apps will have you constantly tapping to return to it over the stock choice offered on your Android device.




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