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1Mobile Market is an app store developed by 1Mobile Market


1Mobile Market is an app store developed by 1Mobile Market. This application lets you download all types of applications to your Android device.

Built as an alternative app store, 1Mobile Market lets you easily download any kind of application you are looking for. Every application is divided into sections like social media, video, games, and more. To convince you to try out more of these applications, the store regularly offers promos in which you can get various features and items in games just for downloading an application during a special period.

1Mobile Market can be a great alternative app store but it does come with a multitude of issues. First, you'll have to deal with the potential of malware. Unlike some app stores like Google Play, 1Mobile Market doesn't go through and scan every single application that is uploaded for malware. You'll also have to give 1Mobile Market a large number of permissions that applications typically don't need.

Overall, 1Mobile Market has its advantages but you should be wary if you decide to use it as your primary app store.

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