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The Sims 3 allows people to enjoy Sims-style game play while on the go


The Sims 3 allows people to enjoy Sims-style game play while on the go. Android device users create Sims characters, simulated virtual people, and place them in three-dimensional, life-like environments where they interact with other characters and objects. Users then play the game as if their characters are living real-world lives.

With this app, a user can customize their character's clothes and living spaces. They can set it up with a home and a job. They can take their character shopping and even have their character enter relationships. They also fulfill their character's wishes.

Although The Sims 3 doesn't feature full Sims video game console or personal computer functionality in regards to the scope of available items and relationship options, it does provide enjoyable virtual life game play. In-app mini games make it possible for a user to achieve upgrades and give their character a unique personality. They can even have their character annoy neighbors and make friends, good friends and enemies. There are also options for a variety of gatherings.

The graphics aren't cutting edge, but they are colorful and imaginative. Characters can interact without a lot of lag or stumbling. An entire, diverse cityscape serves as the background and includes urban and suburban neighborhoods, streets, parks, public buildings and waterways.

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