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PUBG Mobile brings the original battle royale game to Android and iPhone devices


PUBG Mobile brings the original battle royale game to Android devices. Players customize their appearance and drop into their preferred map. From there, they battle against other players for loot and survival. A variety of maps, weapons, vehicles, and strategies are available within PUBG Mobile to survive. Only the last person or team standing can grab the coveted "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner".

A Review Of PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, players will discover a comparable game to the PC version. Certain maps or features may be missing from time to time. Players still dive out of the plane to the location of their choosing and avoid the encroaching red circle. Dozens of weapons and other loot allow players to survive against the onslaught of other players. From time to time, limited game modes and other events appear.

The Final Verdict On PUBG Mobile

Players can earn in-game cosmetics and customize their characters. In a given season, battle passes and special rewards are available. The leaderboards showcase the best players in the game. PUBG Mobile provides an excellent playing experience with intuitive controls optimized for touchscreen devices. For that reason, PUBG Mobile provides an entertaining alternative to the standard desktop or console version.

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