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Badoo is a dating application developed by Badoo


Badoo is a dating application developed by Badoo. By using Badoo, users can match up with others to have a relationship or just hook up with.

Once a user has installed Badoo, they will be prompted to set up their profile like they would with Facebook. From there, they can go and swipe through people in their area that they would like to meet up with. Those who end up both swiping each other will be able to talk to each other by using the instant messaging function built into the app.

Tadoo users have complimented the application as being an easy way to find others but the application does have a couple of issues on its own. For one, users of Badoo who are looking to delete their account will have to deal directly with the support team that can make it difficult to do so. Some areas also have the issue of being littered with fake accounts that are looking to scam Badoo users.

Overall, Badoo can be a great application to use if you are sick of using standard social media or other dating apps to meet people. You'll just want to make sure you work on swiping anyone you're interested in.

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