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Opera is a web browser developed by Opera


Opera is a web browser developed by Opera. The web browser is available as an alternative to the web browser that comes with your Android device.

With Opera, the browser focuses directly on a minimalist interface so it's easier and faster to get to the website you're looking for. Sites that you want to be bookmarked can be done via the Speed Dial feature which shows the sites you have saved every single time you open up Opera. Those looking to use Opera on a slow internet connection can use the Off-Road mode which makes every single site compressed so you can save money on data and have pages load faster.

The unique features make Opera a crucial choice for some. However, some staple features of other browsers like being able to have a list of bookmarks are completely missing from Opera.

Overall, Opera can be a fantastic choice for those looking for a new web browser to use. You'll just want to understand the shortcomings that come with the browser.

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