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Datally is a network application developed by Google

Google LLC

Datally is a network application developed by Google. This application lets you monitor your data usage.

Once you open up Datally, you'll get instant access to your data usage. Your history can be broken up in various ways such as per day, per hour, what application took the most amount of data, and more.

Along with learning about your data usage, you'll also be able to use Datally to find high-speed WiFi networks near you. By scanning networks with Datally, you'll be to not only see the raw speed of every network but get the rating based on what other Datally users rated that network.

Overall, Datally is a great way to learn about your data usage and what network you should be using to get better internet speed. VPM users should only be concerned with Datally as they can then have problems with the application not working.

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