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Minecraft Trial

Minecraft Trial is an adventure game developed by Mojang


Minecraft Trial is an adventure game developed by Mojang. This game is developed directly for those that want to try out Minecraft without having to buy it first.

In the trial, players get dropped directly into the middle of their own world in Survival mode. Players will then be tasked to build their own base and make the right tools to defeat many of the creatures that lay around the world. Having the trial setup like this lets players experience the way that most Minecraft players enjoy the game for a trial period of up to 90 minutes. Once you are done with your trial, you have the choice of uninstalling the application or purchasing the full version to gain permanent access to your Survival game.

Overall, the trial version of Minecraft is a great way to get a hands-on experience with Minecraft without having to shell out money for it. Willing players should note though that they won't be able to touch the Creative mode at all or play the game with others.


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