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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft is a fun building game that is suitable for players of most ages


Minecraft is a fun building game that is suitable for players of most ages. Though you once needed a computer or video game console to play the game, you can now have just as much fun on the go. Minecraft for Android is a new version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition that offers hours of fun.

As with other versions of Minecraft, this one comes loaded with mods that help you have more fun along with a range of modes. When you click on the “Mods” button, the game takes you to a new area where you can select the mods you want to use. This gives you the chance to bring in characters from other media and add new and fun animals. If you have mods that you designed, you can easily upload them for other players to use.

You'll never feel bored playing Minecraft because this sandbox game lets you play how you want to play. While you can follow the story mode and unlock different areas, you can also spend hours building your dream world with blocks and other resources you find. The developers of Minecraft often introduce new updates such as Caves and Cliffs, which comes with 90 different blocks you can use to build things and a block that shows signs of aging as you play.

As you explore the world of Minecraft, you have the chance to interact with AI characters and other players. The AI characters include wild animals that might attack and others you can tame and turn into animals that search for resources for you. You'll have fun figuring out what to do around those characters to work your way through the game.

This version of Minecraft has some fun modes that you can play whenever you want. In survival mode, you need to make snap decisions that determine what happens to you in the game. With the multiplayer mode, you have the chance to play with your friends on different platforms or with strangers who use servers from around the world. There is also a creative mode that lets you simply build as long as you want and create your dream world.

Though Minecraft works great on touchscreen devices, it does have some flaws. You cannot use any other apps when you play the game, which may prevent you from taking phone calls or reading text messages. It also takes up some space on your device, which can make other apps sluggish. Many players don't mind dealing with some of those issues because this version of Minecraft allows them to play online and with friends across most platforms.




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