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Take a fun tabletop game wherever you take your favorite device


Take a fun tabletop game wherever you take your favorite device.

If you find yourself bored occasionally, use this simulation of a board game to add excitement to your day. Carrom Board King combines skill-based action with eye-catching graphics for an app worth downloading. It offers easily learned controls that perform smoothly, instantly understood rules and physics that feel like the real world.

The object of this enjoyable title is straightforward. You must land all of your pieces in your goal faster than your opponent lands theirs. Hitting the goal in this type of game is also called potting. Multiple modes exist, so you can find the one that truly thrills you.

In addition to playing against the game's built-in opponent, you can compete with players waiting to challenge you online. There are also premium features you can opt to unlock. For example, you can create custom pieces. You can also choose multiplayer competitions that include chat features. Clearly, Carrom Board King offers you an array of ways to make fun memories.

Add Carrom Board King to your Android device now to enjoy a fun pastime anywhere.

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