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Edit and share your videos with this free app

Lomotif Pte Ltd

Edit and share your videos with this free app.

Currently, your smartphone of tablet may lack an efficient video editor. Lomotif reverses that situation with a useful range of features.

In addition to excellent editing tools, this title gives you a large GIF library, diverse music for soundtracks, extensive filters and an impressive set of effects. Also, you can record video and snap pics without leaving the app. Have fun using your favorite among Lomotif's tools to refine your videos or create photo compilations.

The title's seamless sharing could help you gain status on social media, too. Of course, you don't need to be an aspiring influencer to enjoy this app. You can even enable the For My Eyes Only checkbox when you want to ensure a file's privacy.

A free download gives you access to all of Lomotif's exceptional aspects.

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