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This version of IMVU allows people to chat with 3D avatars on the go


This version of IMVU allows people to chat with 3D avatars on the go. IMVU is a social networking platform. Users interact with other real-world people and express their personalities and interests in a wide array of virtual environments via 3D custom avatars. With the IMVU Mobile app, Android users log in with their existing IMVU avatar or create a new account and build a different one.

The app has many of the same perks as the website. Once a user has established their basic avatar design, they can use in-app purchasing features to acquire clothing and accessories to dress it up in nearly any style. They can also acquire objects to decorate an included personal environment.

IMVU Mobile makes it easy for users to join various available chat rooms where they can interact with one or more other people via their avatars. With the chat tools, they can pose and move their avatar and give it facial expressions and dialogue by tapping emoticons and typing text. With a paid subscription, they can host virtual parties.

One of the best IMVU features that the app replicates is the selfie option. Long before selfies became an over-used, real-world norm, IMVU users took selfies of their avatars and photos of their avatars and others. They even saved photos of specific, outfit-based looks. IMVU Mobile allows users to do the same and share these images.


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