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Bus Simulator 2015 is a racing game developed and updated by Ovidiu Pop


Bus Simulator 2015 is a racing game developed and updated by Ovidiu Pop. This game lets you control a public bus in some of the largest cities in the world.

In Bus Simulator 2015, you'll have a choice between two different game modes. The first game mode is Career Mode in which your goal is to pick up a bus from the bus depot and pick up and drop off as many passengers as possible without breaking any driving laws or running into anyone. The other game mode you can play is Free Mode which lets you pick a specific bus and level. Some of the levels included in free mode are Romania, Paris, Rome, and much more.

Like any other game that requires you to drive, you need to make sure that the controls are ok. Luckily, Bus Simulator 2015 features three different control methods to ensure you find the right option that works for you. These options can differ between just touching your screen to drive and tilting your phone to control your bus.

Overall, Bus Simulator 2015 can be a fun game if you want to combine strategy with driving. The only significant issue with Bus Simulator 2015 is cities can seem a bit lifeless, contrary to what you're doing.

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