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Azar is a communication application developed by Hyperconnect


Azar is a communication application developed by Hyperconnect. This application allows you to find people to talk to all around the world.

Once you star up Azar, you'll be asked to create a profile. Your profile can give all types of information about you like where you're from and what are your interests. From there, you can swipe through people and choose to match with them. If the person you matched up with chooses you as well, you'll be able to instantly video chat with them in which you can then add them to your friends list so you can talk to them anytime afterward.

You'll also be able to choose what types of people you want to search for with preferences like gender or region so you don't get someone you aren't compatible with. Overall, Azar is a neat application for anyone looking for a love interest or just someone to chat with online.

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