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APK Editor Pro

APK Editor Pro is a utility application being developed and updated by SteelWorks


APK Editor Pro is a utility application being developed and updated by SteelWorks. This application allows you to edit any APK files on your Android device.

APK Files

Whenever you download an application to your Android device, you are downloading an APK file. These are essentially packages of files that get extracted so that you can easily run an application without tinkering with anything. To modify these files, you need an external editor like APK Editor Pro.


With the APK Editor Pro, you can make all types of changes to your APK files. For users looking to make simple changes, the editor lets you change the permissions an application will ask for so that you ensure any function on that application is hard-blocked from ever happening. More advanced users can go in and change individual strings to remove or add in functions they are looking for in an application.


Overall, APK Editor Pro is a great way to modify your applications whether you're looking to make a basic or advanced edit. You do need to watch out though about what you change in your applications as you can get permanently banned from services tied to your applications if they notice any unauthorized changes.


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