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Google Voice Search

Voice Search empowers users to control their smartphones by voice


Voice Search empowers users to control their smartphones by voice. It's an official app from Google with quite a few capabilities. In simple terms, users activate the app and speak a command. Users can perform a Google Search in seconds or send a text message to someone. Other features include placing a call to a specific contact or open a specific app. Should users download and use Voice Search?

A Review of Voice Search

Users access Voice Search from a dedicated app icon on their home screen. Some devices may offer shortcuts for accessing the software. At that point, they speak the command they want to initiate. Google Voice Search remains one of the most accurate voice recognition apps in the world. Accuracy shouldn't be an issue for the average user. Multiple languages are supported within the app as well.

The Verdict On Voice Search

Google Voice Search provides many features to users and does so effectively. Using one's voice to complete tasks feels empowering. In the end, accurate voice recognition makes this app a wonderful solution to use. Google Assistant has since replaced the app with more features, but this one remains a solid download for the average user.


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