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TouchPal Keyboard is a utility application being developed by CooTek


TouchPal Keyboard is a utility application being developed by CooTek. This application gives you access to a virtual keyboard for your phone screen.

As time goes on, you may feel like the virtual keyboard that comes with your phone has been outdated and often not fun to use. TouchPal Keyboard is an application that helps you have more fun with various plug-ins available that let you send graffiti, kittens, and more to others. Users can also personalize their experience more by checking out the thousands of themes that are available to download.

Along with focusing on customization, TouchPal Keyboard gives users more functionality. The keyboard application has a couple of key features like being able to automatically detect errors you are making before you have completely typed out a word or sentence. The application also has a one-handed typing feature that lets you write out an entire sentence by swiping over keys rather than tapping them every time.

Overall, TouchPal Keyboard is a very impressive application for the various features and customization options available to users. The only major downside to this customization is that a lot of the emoji packs and themes available cost you real money.


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