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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an endless running game designed for smartphones

Imangi Studios

Temple Run 2 is an endless running game designed for smartphones. In the game, players must collect gems and powerups in order to keep progressing. A monster chases the player across the map, mauling players that fall too far behind. The game has been downloaded millions upon millions of times since its release. Is Temple Run 2 worth your time and effort? Find out in this quick and simple review.

A Review Of Temple Run 2

Players don't run in a straight line in Temple Run 2. To the contrary, the game includes turning, sliding, and jumping mechanics. A slightly different gesture activates each action, and players that make mistakes slow down. If a player slows down too far in Temple Run 2, the monster catches them and causes a Game Over. By collecting gems and powerups, players unlock new characters and persistent skills.

Should You Download Temple Run 2?

With many characters and unlockables, Temple Run 2 features a high degree of replay value. It's possible to spend many hours in the game and still have things to unlock. A regular release of timed events and new content keeps things interesting. For that reason, Temple Run 2 remains a popular Android game years after its release.

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