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Siri is a well-known, intelligent, and adaptive AI assistant app


Siri is a well-known, intelligent, and adaptive AI assistant app. Siri is commonly associated with iPhones, allowing users to set up helpful reminders and more throughout their day.

Siri for Android is an Android-adapted version of the popular virtual assistant app. Siri is no longer just for Apple users with the help of this app. Users are able to do a collection of things with Siri and are able to use the AI as a virtual assistant by easily asking her to do what they need.

Siri allows you to perform basic tasks without having to touch your device. Users are able to ask Siri to call someone for them, and can also ask Siri to send someone on their contact list a text message, including what the text message says. Users are also able to ask Siri to set up reminders and alarms, set appointments, and send emails.

Siri is also able to open and read messages to you out loud. Users may also ask Siri to search the web for them, and can even ask Siri to play their favorite songs. To add a level of amusement, users may also ask Siri questions directly, the answers to which are either pulled from the web or have been cleverly programmed in.

While Siri can do a lot, the app isn't perfect, and sometimes offers irrelevant results or has trouble understanding the speech of users, such as those with accented English. Users are able to use the app for free, with the only charges coming from purchases you ask Siri to complete, such as buying toilet paper from a website. The app is overall easy to use and provides a useful virtual assistant.

Those looking for an easy, responsive virtual AI assistant may wish to check out the popular software, now that they do not need an Apple device to do so.


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