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MX Player Pro is a multimedia application developed and updated by J2 Interactive


MX Player Pro is a multimedia application developed and updated by J2 Interactive. This application allows users to watch various types of video file formats on their Android phone or tablet.


Whether you're a huge movie fan or just watch a movie every once in a while, chances are you're going to want to customize your video player. Luckily, MX Player Pro has many options for you to change your video watching experience like being able to add subtitles to make anime or foreign movie watching easier. You can also use the option that makes it so that kids can't easily exit you out of the app by pressing one of the buttons on your phone.


Built for all types of Android devices, MX Player Pro works on recent phones to ones that came out a decade ago. In terms of video compatibility, users can load up their Android device with video formats like AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4, and more. This robust compatibility ensures that you're able to watch your favorite videos no matter where you got them from.


Overall, MX Player Pro is a fantastic app for anyone looking for a replacement for the default media player application. Some users will only have issues messing around with the various settings that come with the app.

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