How to record calls on your Android phone

The Android contains many exceptionally useful features that can be very helpful to you. One such example is how to record a call on your phone. Doing so will allow you to review notes later and may be a very useful feature if you are interviewing someone or may need the information from a call at a later date.

Be warned, however: Recording phone calls without the knowledge and consent of another party may be illegal, depending on the laws of your state. You should always know what the legal status of a call recording is before you record a call. 

Unlike many other features on the Android phone, it is not possible to record a call straight from your phone. However, you can download apps that allow this to happen.

The most common and well-known of these apps are Google Voice. From your Google Voice account, visit the Settings icon. From there, you can access "Incoming Call Options," and record all calls. However, there is an important point to keep in mind here: This only allows you to record INCOMING calls. There is no way to record calls that you initiate. You can then press the number 4 in order to record the call. Keep in mind that a recorded announcement will say that the call is being recorded, so the person on the other line will be alerted to the recorded nature of your call. There is no way to disable this option, and it may be criminal to attempt to record someone without their permission. Regardless, you can access the call from your Google inbox.

Other apps also allow you to record calls. Examples include Call Recorder and Automatic Call Recorder. Both of these apps have many features, including the ability to automatically record phone calls, storage of those calls, the ability to exclude certain numbers from the automatically recorded list, and other management options. Call Recorder is free, but you will get bombarded with ads, and you can have a paid version for just $3.99. The paid version of Automatic call recorded is $6.99.

There are issues with some of these apps in that they may not work with up to date versions of Android. As such, you always have the option of checking out the Google App store in order to see what other apps can do these types of recording. Finding a high quality, free app that does phone recordings is likely not going to happen, but you should be able to purchase any of these apps relatively inexpensively. Just make sure you know what the legal restrictions are before you use them!