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Trainer Canyon

Trainer Canyon is a role-playing game developed by Maragedygaming


Trainer Canyon is a role-playing game developed by Maragedygaming. This game lets you raise your own creatures to use in battle.

Heavily inspired by games like Pokemon, Trainer Canyon is a robust RPG in which you can collect creatures to use in battles against computer players or other trainers online. Some of the modes you can experience offline include the Battle Center, Elf Temple, Master League, and more to create rich opportunities for players of all skill levels.

As a mobile RPG, Trainer Canyon has a lot of content for players to enjoy. The game does have a few drawbacks though like having very simplistic graphics when it goes beyond the art of the creatures.

Overall, Trainer Canyon is an RPG that doesn't necessarily bring it when it comes to the presentation but the core gameplay is enough to please RPG fans or those interested in the Pokemon games.

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